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Application process

IAU Membership application process is pretty easy. It includes:

1. Please read carefully the admission criteria to check if you or your institution/organization are/is eligible for Membership (IAU Membership criteria)

2. Complete and return an application form to Please note that an incomplete application form will delay the review process.

Institutional application form Organizational application form Affiliate application form Associate application form

3. The applications are reviewed at least once a month. If retained for Membership, you will receive an acceptance letter from the IAU Secretary-General explaining the formalities to complete to finalize Membership. These are:

4. Payment of the annual membership fees (Please see the table of fees below).

5. Sign and sending to IAU the letter of commitment on official institutional letterhead.

Admission criteria


IAU institutional membership is open to institutions whose main objective is higher education and the development of knowledge. Applying Universities and other higher education institutions must:

  • be public or private not-for-profit;
  • be degree-conferring institutions;
  • be recognized by a national competent body or its equivalent;
  • have undergone, at the national or regional level, a process of quality assurance or accreditation, or, if such a process does not exist, be a member of a national or regional association of universities;
  • be dedicated to the study of several branches of knowledge;
  • grant at least a three-year, first cycle or undergraduate degree;
  • have graduated at least three cohorts of students*;
  • be at the level of higher education, as shown by the active participation of their staff in scientific or scholarly research and by the equipment placed at their disposal;
    *In order to allow newly established higher education institutions to become actively engaged in the work of IAU, and benefit from the services offered, universities and other HEIs having graduated at least one cohort of students may be granted Observer status until they fulfill the criterion of having graduated three cohorts, at which time they become full Member.


All associations or networks of universities and higher education institutions that bring together the leaders and other representatives of institutions or higher learning and/or research are eligible to apply of membership. Associations of universities and other higher education institutions at national, sub-national, regional or international level may be admitted as Member Organizations.


The IAU Affiliate status is open to all non-governmental organizations and networks, national or international in nature, whose primary mandate is directly related to the mission and work of the IAU but which are not eligible to join the Association as a full Member. Applications eligible for Institutional or Organizational Membership cannot be considered for Affiliate Status.


IAU Associates are well-known and respected leaders and experts in higher education who share IAU’s goals and values, and wish to enhance their personal collaboration with the Association. Connected to the information dissemination programme, Associates attend conferences and participate in IAU projects.

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