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Information & Communication Technologies (ICTs) have a key role to play in all aspects of higher education worldwide, more specifically for improving access to education and research. Yet, their inclusion and their use is uneven from region to region, country within a region, and institutions within a country. Making the availability and accessibility of online content is essential to respond to existing gaps. Therefore, it is essential to ensure ICTs efficiently enhance access and do not worsen disparities.


IAU aims at ensuring ICTs allow access to quality higher education for all. ICTs must become a key inclusive tool for higher education worldwide.

  • Advocate for equity in access & use of ICTs
  • Focus on inclusive strategies for higher education institutions


IAU advocates for the use of ICTs as an inclusive tool.

Policy statement and guidelines
IAU has developed a policy statement and guidelines:

  • IAU policy statement on ICTs
  • Disseminate of ICT4IAL Guidelines

Consultation process
IAU is currently revising its work on ICTS to reach the objectives of its Strategic plan 2016-2020. IAU will conduct an international consultation within the higher education community in 2018.


IAU has created a working group to design IAU action plan relating to ICTs. The members of the group are experts on the use of ICTS in Higher Education.

Collaboration & strategic partnerships

IAU works with partners to promote the inclusive use of ICTS. It collaborates, among others, with the OECD and UNESCO.

Official partnership with UNESCO
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